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Paid search works on a bidding scale process states Bobs SEO, an internet marketing SEO company in Nevada. The more you bid for your ad to show, the higher your website will be in the paid ads section of the search results as long as the ad is relevant, i.e. congruent with your website content. Going down the paid route means paying every time that a user clicks on your ad, irrespective of whether or not they purchase from you. Traffic sent in this way is not free. With paid ads you can specify a daily budget so that once the budget is exhausted your ad will no longer show.

The search engines are strict on what content can be displayed in the ads and where a user is taken when they click on an ad. The search engines require paid ads to pass filters before they are approved. After approval, the position in which the ad shows up is influenced by budget and other factors like the copy in the ad, user click through rate and whether the ad landing page complies with the search engine’s terms of service.

There is a general consensus amongst search engine marketers that consumers trust the organic search results over the paid search results. Consumers understand that the search engines rank on merit and a website that has an organic listing on page one is there because it’s earned. In contrast, a website that appears in the paid ads section is there because the owners have paid money to be listed. A savvy consumer may question if the website that appears in the paid ads section will still be there tomorrow.

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